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How the app can be downloaded?

The application is available on Google Play Store by the name of “HUM BEE TEAM” and can be downloaded from the same.

Who can use this APP?

The application HUMBEE can be used by Dealers & Retailers. Our mobile app is supported on the following platforms – Android.

Is the mobile app secure?

Yes! All critical information is encrypted on the app The application HUMBEE is a 100% secured application.

How Can a dealer Register on APP?

There are two steps to register on HUMBEE App:

  1. The dealer needs to register his Mobile Number through a One Time Password (OTP).
  2. The dealer needs to fill in some necessary details which include:
    1. First Name.
    2. Select the Option to be registered as “DEALER “.
    3. Association with Cement Companies as a Dealer.
    4. GSTN number: Compulsory Field e. PAN number: compulsory field.

Post that the application is ready for use.

How a Dealer Can Upload his Inventory?

Dealer can upload his inventory by uploading the invoice/bill, received post-purchase from the cement companies, on the HUMBEE app.
Post this, inventory will be approved by verifying quantity on the app with the invoice uploaded.

Can we upload the invoice of different companies?

Yes! all the cement company’s invoices/bills can be uploaded on the app.
The users have to Select companies and products under the invoice uploaded on the app.

How a Dealer can register a Retailer?

A dealer can register a Retailer by following simple steps.
The users have to Select companies and product under the invoice uploaded on the app:

  1. Under the home tab, go to “Sell to Retailer” tab and search for the concerned Retailer through his/her mobile number.
  2. If the Retailer is already registered on the app HUMBEE, the dealer can upload the invoice.
  3. If the Retailer hasn’t been registered on the app HUMBEE. Through normal information of Mobile No. & Pan Details of the concerned Retailer, He/she can be registered on the HUMBEE app.
  4. Post entering these details, an OTP will be generated and the dealer can register the Retailer.
  5. Pan Card is compulsory for retailers.

How a Dealer can sell to Retailers?

A dealer can sell to Retailers by:
The users have to Select companies and products under the invoice uploaded on the app

  1. Searching the Retailer through their mobile numbers.
  2. If the Retailer exits on the HUMBEE app, the dealer needs to upload the invoice that he has supplied to the Retailer along with the details of the Cement company and Brand.
  3. Post that the Retailer inventory will be uploaded on their concerned account.

How a Dealer/Retailer Can sell to Shilpkar?

A dealer/Retailer can sell to a Shilpkar by:

  1. Searching the Shilpkar through their mobile numbers.
  2. If the concerned Shilpkar exists on the HUM BEE application, the dealer needs to upload the quantity he wants to sell to the Shilpkar.(In this operation the dealer doesn’t need to update the inventory).
  3. If the Shilpkar is not registered on the HUM BEE application, by uploading a few details like Id Proof (Driving license id/ voter id/ration card/bank- passbook) and the Shilpkar’ s picture.
  4. Post that the application will generate an OTP and will send it to the Shilpkar’ s registered mobile number for registration on the HUM BEE application.

Can a Retailer download the app?

Yes! Retailer can download the app & register through their mobile number and OTP will be generated.
Using the OTP Retailer shall log in and select the option as a Retailer.
He has to provide some basic details which include:

  1. Name
  2. FIRM Name
  3. PAN Details: Compulsory Field
  4. And then upload the PAN details.

Can Retailers upload their own invoice?

No, the Retailers cannot upload their own invoices, invoices should be uploaded only by the dealer.

Can Retailer register the Shilpkar?

Yes, Retailer can register the Shilpkar.

If I’m the dealer of one company & Retailer of another company how I can register on app?

In this case, you can register on the app HUMBEE by selecting Dealer.
All the invoices purchased by the company, upload in the APP & it is shown as a dealer .
If you are also a Retailer, Pls use the same login credentials, and then your dealers need to upload the invoices purchased by you on the dealer application.

Can a Shilpkar be mapped under two Retailers? What is the process for the same?

In this case, you can register on the app HUMBEE by selecting Dealer.
Shilpkar can purchase the material from multiple sources of Dealers & Retailers.
For this, you have to search all Shilpkar through a mobile number, if it is present on the app, you can sell the materials as explained above in Q 10, otherwise, you can register him as a new Shilpkar.

Can a Retailer can be mapped under one dealer or multiple dealers?

Retailers can take material from many dealers for same brand or different brand, you have to search the Retailer through his mobile number.

What are the benefits am going to get after starting to use the app?

The benefits of the program is on aggregation level. – I.e. You can use any Company’s cement & you will get benefits of all the cement purchased by you.
For more scheme benefits , you can give missed call to our call center 18002100123.

Can I use the app in multiple mobile phones with same login?

No, you can’t use the same app on multiple mobiles with the same login.
This feature will be updated soon.

Does it cost anything to use the mobile app?

HUMBEE app doesn’t cost you anything and it is absolutely free.

How do I update my profile on the app?

You can edit your Profile by login into the APP.

What happens if the app doesn’t record the orders placed by me?

In such a scenario, please give a missed call at our call center, on 18002100123 and we would be Happy to Help.

What happens if I login through unregistered device?

You have to register on app only through mobile no.

How do I change city, district or state mapped wrongly?

In such a scenario, please give a missed call at our call center on 18002100123 and we would be Happy to Help.

My Retailers or Shilpkars are not getting OTP for registration.

In such a scenario, please give a missed call at our call center on 18002100123 or write a mail and we would be Happy to Help.

Can I specify which authentication method to be used by the mobile app?

You can create your own password in case you don’t want to login through OTP every time.

Already have a version of HUMBEE app on my phone, so do I need to download this new version?

No. It will be required your permission to update the APP through Notification.

How do I activate the notifications on my phone?

​Currently we are working on notification feature, will soon update you about the same.