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World’s first Business Community Welfare Platform With Tangible Business Outcomes & Significant, Measurable Social Impact

Channel For Corporate Welfare Intent

Most corporates across industries can meaningfully channelize their welfare intent and promote inclusive growth through our integrated, industry agnostic, benefits-based platform

Social Security Benefits For Value Chain Partners

Value chain partners of corporates viz. dealers, distributors, retailers, masons, transporters, and more can avail of Integrated social security benefits & much more

Integrated Data & Insights

Corporates can plan their business strategy and outreach through integrated and composite industry insights

Meritorious Welfare Delivery

Digital recording of contribution, Verifiable Efforts data, Tangible Benefit Delivery to the real and intended beneficiary

Traceable Digital Footprint

The perfect medium to channelize various welfare intent of industries and Government to the deserving yet overlooked and underserved beneficiaries with complete traceability for significant Impact

Welfare Stories


Value chain participants

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(Dealers, Distributors, Retailers,
Masons, Transporters, and more)