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Our Story

About 20.95 Ventures

Twenty Point Nine Five Ventures began as a commitment to uplift the dignity of the unsung heroes of the value chain, to honour their achievements. The local dealers, retailers, and masons who contribute to our lives every day, quietly but with skilful workmanship. At the same time, enabling corporates to channelise their welfare intent.

The need for this platform arose from our in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by the many layers of the Value Chain.

For Value Chain Partners, there was no platform that recorded, recognised and rewarded their contribution through social security cover & more.

For corporates, there was no integrated mechanism to actively incentivise the participants contributions.

And that was the beginning of Twenty Point Nine Five Ventures, a company driven by the infinite potential of goodness and business coming together. We carry this vision with us every day through our name, representing the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere that keeps us going, quite like goodness.

Our People

Navin Tewari

Founder &
Chief Navigator

A creative disruptor with unique experience in

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Aditya Nikhil

Captain, BD &

A Delhi University alumnus, Aditya heads business

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Anuj Nigam

Captain, Finance &

A Chartered Accountant

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Kishore Chamria

Captain, Business &

An alumnus of IIM Bangalore and ISB Hyderabad, Kishore

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